One of the goal of iCar Support is to monitor ITS standardization initiatives and to support relevant efforts. This will be done through:


Coordination of Standards Development Organisations (SDOs) addressing similar standardization topics: there are today a number of SDOs looking at ITS communications. This topic is addressed in IEEE (primary focus bearer level), ISO (primary focus architecture and management level) and ETSI (primary focus frequency allocation and security). Experience shows that those SDOs are to a large extent overlapping and that there is a need to harmonize work between them.

Providing a help desk on ITS standard. This includes:
Be the contact point on standard matters both for the EU ITS community and for non-EU bodies (e.g. in light of US/EU/Japan cooperation). This will be done in cooperation with task 2.5;
Monitor key ITS standard activities and provide status information;
Provide guidance to R&D projects on standards;
Promote R&D project results among standardization bodies;
Advise EC and eSafety Forum on standardization. This includes identifying gaps, needs for actions and recommendation for new work item.
While iCar Support will concentrate on some main SDOs (i.e. CEN, ISO, IEEE, ETSI and ITU), it will also provide some expertise related to the work of industry that play a role in drafting international specifications or industry standards.


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